Hi there & welcome to Creative Unblock! We are a global leading, digital & branding agency based in the thriving heart of London & Dubai. Creative & dynamic in our philosophy, we believe that all digital communication should be aesthetically pleasing, innovative, & optimum in functionality that delivers results as a given.


We, as experienced digital specialists, work closely with you to provide you with a bespoke service, tailored individually to you & your business needs at every stage of growth.

Run by owner Shahla Asif, a 'Thought Leader' in the Industry is an expert in Digital Marketing & Branding. With over 17 years of experience in Marketing, Branding & Digital with an international client base and a portfolio of brands such as Armani, Apple, Harrods, McDonalds & Walmart.

With a constantly growing demand in Digital, we spend most of our time growing businesses and building brands from Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, SME’s and global brands & companies too.

"We are an innovative, dynamic & creative boutique digital & branding agency

based in London & Dubai"

Shahla is a passionate speaker, trainer business coach & mentor, having been recently interviewed & featured by the BBC on the success of Creative Unblock’s work in London. She is also a proud Ambassador for London’s Bankside Business District. With the demand for Digital set to grow exponentially in the coming years, we as a team stay abreast with cutting edge technologies & have a deep fascination of how the Sciences & Arts merge, as a result, we are forever searching for the next big thing in the virtual realm in order to further humanity through creativity. 


When not travelling and rescuing the digital world, we like to spend our time being totally human, like gardening, watching & playing sports, eating out & spending quality time with our friends and family just like you! 

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